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સઘન વાર્તાલેખન શિબિર – with “Shri Madhu Rye” – Instructions

Posted by Ashish Desai on June 26, 2020

GLAOFNA Members: As you all know, we have organized one more workshop on Developing Our Writing skills in Gujarati Language without any grammatical errors. Our instructor this time is “Shri Madhu Rye“. We believe he doesn’t need any more introduction. We are excited to see the response and would like to give you some more information on how to participate in this delightful event.

  • Members can write the check or MO for $40/- for each participant.
  • Each Guest (Non-member) who is willing to participate can send a check or MO of $75/– {a non-member can become lifetime members for just $100/- and pay $40/- for this event and enjoy the discounted membership rates for future shows/events.}
  • The Check/MO  should be in favor of:  Gujarati Literary Academy of North America
  • The Check/MO should be MAILED to the TREASURER of GLAOFNA Gaurang Mehta, 38 Brandon Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470 or to the PRESIDENT, Ram Gadhavi @ his address
  • The last date for reserving the seat is: July 15, 2020. No one will be added after July 15.

You have good 20 days to do the needful and to join this outstanding event organized by GLAOFNA as a part of Manilal Joshi Educational Trust Series. The dates and timings are mentioned in the attached flyer

2 Responses to “સઘન વાર્તાલેખન શિબિર – with “Shri Madhu Rye” – Instructions”

  1. Dick Sharad said

    Dear Ashishbhai:

    You missed a good opportunity to really ‘introduce’ Madhu Rai.

    It is rather presumptuous of you to say:

    “We believe he doesn’t need any more (which? None given!) introduction.”

    Not true!

    Sorry to say, but a seasoned organizer of such programs, would not take it

    for granted. Some, howsoever minimal, introduction must be given.

    More potential gain in promoting the event, with a few extra words, no loss!

    I, for instance, knew about મધુસૂદન ઠાકર, but not his nickname!

    You perhaps did not see my email in which I mentioned this link, given by

    Girishbhai Parikh, himself an accomplished writer:મધુ_રાય

    You could have easily included it in your second announcement.

    It’d help, encourage and attract, some who are not so familiar with or

    well-versed in, or up-to-date with Gujarati literature. Specially the younger

    generation here, who can barely read, but understand Gujarati!

    Many of us here since 60’s, or earlier, have lost close touch with what we

    once knew rather well from school/college days!

    Sorry, I believe in honest communication among friends, so excuse me!

    Good luck





  2. Ashish Desai said

    Hello Sharadbhai:

    I appreciate you response and concern. We actually work with the ARTISTS and if they do not want to us say anything about him/her, we don’t. It is as simple as that. We have to get it approved by the person who is performing and we leave it to them – when they send us this this is what I approve to distribute, we do it. We do not overwrite their decision. Hope you understand.

    But once again, we appreciate your concern and hope to see you participating in such events/workshops.

    Ashish Desai
    For, GLAOFNA

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