Gujarati Literary Academy of N.A.

The Big Idea is to Promote Gujarati Literature

સહજ સમાધિ ભલી – ગાંધીજીને ગમતાં ગીતો તથા ગાંધીજી વિષેનાં ગીતો

Posted by Ashish Desai on January 29, 2023

2 Responses to “સહજ સમાધિ ભલી – ગાંધીજીને ગમતાં ગીતો તથા ગાંધીજી વિષેનાં ગીતો”

  1. Many Many Thankssssss…!

  2. Ashish Desai said

    ** Sharing an email message **
    Dear Rambhai:
    You may not remember me or recognize me but my husband Harit Patel and I have regularly attended each and every program arranged by Gujarati Literary Academy starting from the small group at Pramodaben’s house.
    After many years, today, I am inspired to express my sincere gratitude to your devotion and excellent work for the academy. You have brought many good programs for our academy, but today’s program regarding Gandhiji by Amar Bhatt & Gargi cannot be described in any words! It is not only selection of music but Amarbhai’s detailed research and appropriate comments were commendable. We had heard Amarbhai at our Gujarati Academy program, when he was a student at Columbia.
    Unfortunately, since last more than ten years, I have not attended Academy’s program, due to my husband’s death and for me to difficulty in driving long distance.
    But this program by Amar Bhatt and your unparalleled work in bringing this program for us deserves tremendous appreciation from all of us.
    Once again thanks,
    Aruna Patel

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