Gujarati Literary Academy of N.A.

The Big Idea is to Promote Gujarati Literature

The Membership Roster

Click on the link below to select the sequence in which to view The Academy’s membership roster …

Display the Membership Roster

5 Responses to “The Membership Roster”

  1. Himanshu & Shobhana Desai said

    We are life members and looking at the membership list we could not find our names on it. Will you please look into. Thanks

  2. Himanshu & Shobhana Desai said

    Please disregard earlier comments about our name on membership list. We are there and proud of it. Thanks for all your efforts and hard work.

  3. Ghanshyam and Aniketa Purohit said

    Since long time before, we became life members in Gujarati literary acedemy of N.A. My friend Shri Dilip Pandya living in same town Nutley, always gets program fliers, while we do not get. May be I gave my e.mail address but I was always unaware of your very interesting programs. Though I found my wife’s and my name in your roster. Here with please find my e.mail address so that I will not miss the upcoming program notifications. If you need my home address,i will provide it when I meet you in next saturday event.
    Thanking you very much.
    Ghanshyam Purohit.

  4. Divyakant said

    we life members but we don’t get any list of event since 2014 after sep.

  5. glaofna said

    Divyakantbhai, please send an email to with the full membership name (wife, husband, last name) and we will get right back to you. Thanks.

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