Gujarati Literary Academy of N.A.

The Big Idea is to Promote Gujarati Literature

The Exec. Committee

This Executive Committee has been elected to serve for the three-year term starting in June 2019. We invite you to contact any of them for any matter concerning the Academy :

Ram Gadhavi President
Ram Gadhavi (રામ ગઢવી )


(973) 628-8269

image1 Vice President
Ashish Desai (આશિષ દેસાઈ)


(862) 221-6695


Gini Malaviya (ગીની માલવિયા)

(609) 924-1597

Gaurang Mehta (ગૌરાંગ મહેતા)


(973) 633-9348

Niketa H Vyas Member
Niketa Vyas (નિકેતા વ્યાસ)

(732) 762-3084

HRavaliyaC Member
Harish Ravaliya (હરીશ રાવલિયા)


(973) 694-4547

Prarthana Jha Member
Prarthana Jha (પ્રાર્થના જ્હા)

(860) 478-0348

Apexa Dave

Co-opted Member

Apexa Dave (અપેક્ષા દવે)

(732) 629-1626

Dhananjay Desai Co-opted Member

Dhananjay Desai (ધનંજય દેસાઈ)

(201) 757-1735

Mukesh Shah Co-opted Member

Mukesh Shah (મુકેશ શાહ)

(862) 571-0442


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  1. Bhupendra gaudana said

    Hearty congratulation & best complements !

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